Are you using LinkedIn? Does it show how you want to be seen professionally?

Leaders, managers and aspiring professionals often don't know how to use LinkedIn or have a poor profile on the world-leading platform.

The result can be:

  • Lost opportunity and sales.

  • People not knowing what you stand and not wanting to connect with you or your organisation.

  • People turning up to meetings with the wrong idea about who you are.

Not taking control of your online presence can be professional suicide. It is like having a dirty shop window that that fails to paint a great picture of who you are.

Imagine LinkedIn being made easy. By knowing the key parts of what to put in your profile and how to use it, you take charge of one of the most powerful tools to show who you are and what you can do.

At the end of a SPARKED LINKEDIN BLITZ you will :

  • Develop a strategic mindset to your networking, ensuring you maximise your time

  • Know the key parts of starting and building a strong profile.

  • Avoid key mistakes that turn people off you and your organisation

  • Have a plan to develop and foster your connections, attract new opportunities and serve others

"Grant had the ability to cut through the crap and get to the point of focus. It enabled me to gain greater clarity and focus on how to promote myself.  " - Katie

If you would like more information on upcoming LinkedIn Blitz Workshops, email I would love to help you build communicate who you really are professionally online.



Grant Verhoeven is an award-winning trainer, facilitator and coach, with over 10 years experience career, leadership and professional development.

He helps aspiring managers, leaders, organisations and professionals unlock their talents and abilities, equipping them with best-practice tools, resources and techniques based on having coached over 1000 people.

He is the Lead Consultant and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Sparked, a boutique leadership and career development practice based in Wellington.