Find out what ignites you. Your unique strengths. And unleash them on the world.

I am all about helping you find what it is that ignites you at work, in leadership and in your career. I work with teams, leaders and managers to set, achieve and move towards their objectives.

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Having coached over 1000 clients in a wide variety of organisations including the corporate, government, education and not for profit sectors - I am passionate about helping people understand their unique strengths and use them to full effect.

Some of my areas of speciality include:

  • Strengths-based team development

  • Career development and transition

  • Executive coaching

  • Leadership development

I am a professionally certified coach and  professional member of the Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ).

One of my proudest moments was being awarded the Otago Polytechnic Distinguished Alumni Award for my work in leadership and career development.

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Grant Verhoeven

Director and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer)