Make more progress in 5 days around your career than ever before.

If you are thinking about 2019 and keen to take the next step - join us for the 5 day career challenge. This is the best time of year to look for new opportunity and get back your mojo for work.

  • Wondering if there might be something more?

  • Feeling stuck?

If you do the same things, the same way, you will be in the same place next year.

Make more progress in 5 days around your career than ever before.

After all, life is too short to be doing work that you don’t want to do!

Based on 1000+ career and leadership coaching sessions, I will be teaching you techniques, skills and tips that are super effective in helping you find direction, inspiration and clarity in your career.

Join me on Monday 15th October to Friday 19th October for a FREE 5 day challenge that will dramatically change your career.


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    • DAY 1: How to identify and eliminate your roadblocks holding you back

    • DAY 2: The 3 key parts to finding your career sweet spot (and what you should be aiming for)

    • DAY 3: Understand your key strengths and superpowers

    • DAY 4: Writing your success stories so you can sell yourself effectively

    • DAY 5: Identifying your passions and the money you want to be paid

    It includes do-able homework and daily 20 minute, practical live lessons (also available as a recording) that will give you inspiration and direction.

    There will also be group interaction for accountability and to help you make progress.

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      A few FAQs

      When will the live call be?

      The calls will be each night at 7.00-7.20pm starting on the Monday and finishing on the Friday. The calls will be 20 minutes long and starting at 7pm. They will cover the homework for the day and provide a forum for questions.

      How do I make the live calls?

      I will be using Zoom - and sending a link to participants. You will click the link 5 minutes before, download the small piece of software (if required) and voila - you will be in.

      What if I miss a live call? Can I view the videos somewhere?

      The calls will be recorded and made available if you miss them you can catch up.

      Will there be a community?

      I will be using the Sparked@Work Facebook group as a platform for the group to use. It is a closed group so request to join once you sign up and I will accept you.

      What will happen at the end of the challenge?

      After the 5 day challenge I will be getting feedback from participants to make it even better! I also will be launching my 6 week programme on how to effectively find opportunity and sell yourself.

      Got any further questions? Contact me