Let's have some courageous career conversations. What motivates you and your team at work?

When you turn up on Mondays do you have a sense of play at work? Do you have a sense of purpose? Does it help you achieve something you value (Potential)?

A highlight for me this week was interviewing a senior manager in one of the well-known New Zealand companies. He was leading a team of 80+ staff, in an organisation going through significant change.

motive spectrum from Primed to Perform.jpg

He shared with me a super model around motivation at work, and put me onto the book "Primed to Perform" by Doshi & McGregor. I downloaded on Kindle and it was great.

If you are a leader or manager - how motivated is your team? Are you incorporating boosting intrinsic (and extrinsic) motivators into your organisational culture, team day to day and strategy.

With less than 1/3 Kiwis are turning up to work fully engaged at work (Gallup) - it has a massive impact on the culture, work satisfaction and performance of our organisations.

Your doors may be open 5 days but you are really only open 3 days - 4 at best!

Having your team "turning up for a paycheck" is not something that by itself generally motivates. When staff get to this point it is time to look at how to reignite them in what they do for work and their career.

Don't be afraid that by having a career conversation you will lose them - in fact if you don't, you likely will - or worse they will stay and be unhappy (and unproductive).

" I no longer enjoying my role like I used to", "the organisation is changing so much" and "My manager doesn't seem to notice" are all things I heard this week.

Let's say no to not loving our work. Let's say no to not supporting people to be the best at what they do. Let's have those courageous career conversations that we need!

Want help having those conversations? Email me grant@sparked.co.nz to get started and for a free 20-minute career consultation to help move you and your team forward.

Grant Verhoeven, Chief Enthusiasm Officer (CEO) of Career & Leadership Development.