How to overcome 3 main road-blocks and get confident picking up the phone before applying.

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"Shall we give them a call?"

This was the question I asked a client when she showed me the role that she said would be awesome, fitted her skills and she was keen to apply for.

She looked at me perplexed and a little scared. What??? Call them. Isn't that breaking protocol? Why would they want to hear from me? What happens if I fail?

I would estimate less than 20% of people call up an organisation before submitting an application, based on thousands of coaching and training conversations

The result:

  • Hundreds of hours wasted for both hiring managers and applicants time due to vague applications from people who may not even fit the description

  • Thousands of people sitting waiting for that call for an interview ... and not getting it, because they didn't pick up the phone and stand out

  • That uncomfortable feeling in an interview over what will they offer for pay...... when you could have simply asked with a phone call.

Here are 3 roadblocks that stop people picking up the phone and how to overcome them.

1/ I don’t know who to speak to

If the contact details for the person to speak to isn’t listed, call the general number and speak to reception.  In some organisations such as in government or larger companies you may need to speak to HR but give it a try. What have you got to lose?

2/ I am nervous and don’t know what to say

Simply mention you are keen on the role and have a few questions. Great questions to ask are “is this a new or existing role”, “can I be sent a job description” (if applicable), “what is the salary range” or ask for elaboration about a particular requirement in the ad or job description.

3/ Isn’t it too pushy and short circuiting the process?

No and in most cases the hiring manager or person looking for an applicant will be happy to hear from you

A few minutes on the phone can remove nervousness, confusion and grow great confidence when applying.

So take the bull by its horns. Stand out. Be bold and reap the benefits.

The job application process is a contact sport, won by those who put their best foot forward.

So what are you waiting for? Dial those digits and find out more about what could be your next awesome role!


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